Friday, November 30, 2007

class of '97

My high school reunion was scheduled the saturday after thanksgiving. I was planning on attending with david and my friend, Grace, and her husband. Both Grace and I deliberated if we really wanted to go. Our initial unwillingness to go was countered by our insatiable curiousity about how our classmates turned out. We both wished we could be flys on the wall looking at everyone. Also, I have to admit that I wanted to attend so that I could show off my cute husband and newfound sense of style (don't think I had one 10 years ago). When my friend told me she couldn't go because her youngest was sick, I decided I didn't want to go either. It cost $60/person and I wouldn't have a buddy that knew classmates that I did and could gossip with me about them. Besides, there was something in me that cared too much about what those people thought of me. I certainly cared in high school but to care now because I want to prove something to all of them seems a bit more than I can justify. It seemed like going would be giving these people (who I have had no interaction with in 10 years) too much power. Overall, I don't feel much regret from missing it. And there is always the 20 yr reunion--though I doubt I will look as good as I do now.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

random things to be thankful for

Inspired by my friend, Cristy's blog about random things she is thankful for, I thought I would come up with one of my own (not in any particular order).

1. The Office on DVD
2. David wanting to hold the leash while we walk the dog.
3. car heaters
4. remote controls
5. church starting at 11am
6. decaf coffee with half n half
7. barnes & noble
8. garage sales
9. my fingernails
10. inside jokes
11. computer keyboards that have the right amount of give with each key.
12. when it gets dark at 8pm rather than 5pm
13. the word "eclectic"
14. scotch tape
15. catalogues
16. coffee rani (you would have to be from covington or mandeville, la to understand this one).
17. calm hot tea from starbucks
18. my new last name being as simple as 'Hogue'
19. hot baths
20. Baby Blues comic strip

Friday, November 16, 2007

mistletoe marketplace, part 2

Last weekend, my parents and I attended the mistletoe marketplace. I don't know if there was a parking space further away from the entrance as ours but that was how crowded it was. We paid to get in ($10/person) and got going. My impression of the event was different than a few years ago. I didn't feel out of place or think that people were ridiculously overdressed which probably means that the attitude of the event has changed or that I've lived in Jackson too long. Anyway, the dress code was no big deal. However, what did grab my attention was how packed it was. You could not walk a straight line. To get anywhere you had to weave in and out of folks and then stand in line(!) to even get inside any of the booths to shop. We spent a total 15-20 minutes inside and decided that it wasn't worth it and left. I was feeling claustrophobic and wondered why everyone else didn't mind being packed in like sardines. I find no joy in fighting the crowds and will probably never venture to the mistletoe marketplace again--at least not in the next 3 to5 years.

Friday, November 9, 2007

mistletoe marketplace

I am attempting to go to the mistletoe marketplace again this year. I have gone once before and enjoyed the idea of having all these vendors in one spot. However, I was completely surprised to see women dressed to the nines (high heeled shoes, nice clothes) to go shopping. Comfort would seem important since you are walking around a huge floor for several hours--but not to these ladies. I have this rebellious streak that wants to walk in there with jeans, tennis shoes, and my LSU t-shirt just to fly in the face of all the froo-froo, ole miss lovin', haute couture wearin' ladies. I think I would do it too if it were not too cold for me to wear a short-sleeved shirt. We'll see how it goes. I may have a different impression this year.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

some observations...

Has anyone ever noticed that presbyterians don't like to use the word "Jesus"? I will hear "Lord" and I will hear "Christ". If I use "Jesus", I see people begin to pale and look uncomfortable. Perhaps they believe I speak too familiar of our Messiah or perhaps they think that I'm a baptist (the worst of crimes for some presbyterians, unfortunately). Sometimes I will use "Jesus" just to ruffle unspoken feathers. This is His Name after all. Isn't it silly that some presbyterians will not use "Jesus" because it sounds less elegant than "Christ"? Is this just me? I get the same expression, by the way, if I speak too emotionally about my relationship to Jesus. If I were to say "I love Jesus" to some presbyterians, I would get a funny look and probably misjudged for someone who is not theologically bent. They would be wrong.

Also, here is another observation of Christian culture down here in Jackson. There are some people who don't talk about God at all. They start to look weirded out if I mention the role Jesus plays in my life. It is almost as if they think it is uncool to talk about things like that--as if it should be taken for granted. These people claim to be believers and I give them the benefit of the doubt (I have seen some fruit) but I can't have a spiritual conversation with them for anything. What is up with that? They seem to think that to talk about it would overspiritualize an issue. I get that there are Christians who will overspiritualize and that is not a healthy way to go, but must we move to the extreme opposite? Huh?!

Friday, November 2, 2007

I am not pregnant

Ok, now that I've stated that I can freely tell the world that I hate feeling nauseous which I am at the very moment. Blech!!