Monday, August 6, 2007

sweet summer

I'm not sure I am looking forward to this season ending. David is starting back at Prep soon and I will be following suit. I am loathe to think about any adjustments to having him gone most of the day again. I had SO much fun with him these past few months. It really is such a wonderful thing to be married to your bestfriend. We've accomplished most of what we hoped to this summer (the fun stuff and the stuff that just needed to get done i.e. car tags). It was relaxing and when we got our puppy it was just exciting (and tiring). I am so thankful that the Lord has given us a quiet season after a couple of years of just plain craziness, if you know what I mean;).

Despite how much I will miss my beloved, it will be good for me to have my own schedule. I get more housework done when he's not around. Not to mention, I will see more friends. I have become a friend hermit with the exception of my prayer group. So, you may be getting a call from me in the near future, friends out there.

This summertime experience has made me want him to continue teaching so that we'll always have the summer! David and I both like the slow and simple pace of life. It's so appealing (although David will admit it is difficult to not have a schedule when he's off).

Well, my thoughts are all over today. I hope you've made sense of it. Just think of it as a field trip through my mind.

So, here's looking to another year of school, marriage and whatever else the Lord puts in our path.