Monday, February 14, 2011

my funny valentine

It is our 6th valentine's day and I just wanted to share a few quirky things about my husband, david, that make me laugh to myself (and roll my eyes occasionally).

1.  He takes a good couple of hours to really wake up in the morning.  Weekend mornings I'm raring to go (because I'm so much more motivated to be productive when he is around) and I can't get much out of him in terms of complete and clear sentences.  His desire is to sit quietly with his coffee and perhaps a book until he is ready to really face the world.  It is pretty funny to see this same quality in our son (but manifests itself in lots of fussing and rubbing of the eyes).  So, I'm learning not to try and engage my valentine in any deep discussions or planning during these early morning hours.

2.  He reads about 4 to 6 books at once.  I've been known to occasionally have a few books that I'm reading but he takes that to a whole new level.  Usually, they consist of different genres.  He'll have a fun science fiction book, a theology book, a latin and/or rome related book, a bible study, and possibly an informational how-to type book.  He never lacks for reading material and will take any opportunity to read.  Especially true since he got a kindle e-book reader for Christmas.  Books are david's crack.

3.  He has a new found fascination with the early church and the church calendar.  He has read tons of stuff on the subject and has taken last year to celebrate church calendar days.  He found a reformed episcopalian church to attend on such days.  I've gone along for the ride while making wisecracks about my husband becoming catholic and leaving the presbyterian denomination.  He assures me this isn't so but he does love the liturgy of these services.  When I'm not making fun, I'm appreciating that he has learned not to throw the baby out with the bath water as lots of protestants tend to.  He has a great understanding of why the early church did what it did to celebrate/praise/worship Christ.  Whereas, I (and many others) can throw away a lot of what other more liturgical churches do (including catholicism) because of some basic differences in theology and faith.

4.  David's mind wanders--absent-minded professor is a stereotype that really fits sometimes.  Here is how I usually see this.  We are in the car and I make an observation about something that most people would respond to.  David is not most people.  After a minute or so of silence, I, again, remind him that a reply was expected.  He is jogged back to real time where he, again, apologizes because his mind wandered (much like Walter Mitty) and explains where his train of thought took a detour.  Frustrating for a girl who loves a good conversation but also interesting that someones mind works so differently.  I hope to understand that precious mind more and more as the years go by. 

5.  David's passions are quite simple.  This makes him extremely easy to please and quite predictable.  A nice glass of wine or bottle of beer.  A hearty meal.  A good movie or book.  Marital benefits (*wink, wink).  His loves can get even simpler than that.  He enjoys children's literature and cartoons and winnie the pooh.  It is no wonder that occasionally I feel like I married a small boy rather than the 30 year old that he is.  However, I'm also aware that many men operate that way.   Can't say that I wouldn't mind being surprised by something David says or does but I can say that this predictability and consistency is one of the reasons I married him.  He is a safe and dependable friend.

6.  When I am usually surprised are those times when david is uncommonly funny.  He sometimes makes cracks or jokes that strike me as hilarious.  I never know when it is going to spring up.  I have noticed that when he is with his twin lakes buddies he is funnier than usual.  Also, he is funnier during the summer when he isn't distracted with work and class.  I love hanging out with him when he is really relaxed.  He can be very clever.  Part of the charm of his humor perhaps is that it is unexpected.  He isn't the guy that is always trying to be funny so he has the element of surprise.  Who expects an absent-minded, quiet and serious man to spring a joke on you?  It works. 

So, here are 6 funny things about my funny Valentine for the 6 years we've known each other.  I hope to know him more and more.  I hope to respect and love him more and more.  I'm thankful to our Lord for bringing us together.  No one knows more than our Lord how those idiosyncrasies were well-suited for my own (and there are many--and they aren't always so funny).  Happy Valentine's Day, Beloved.  Here is to knowing each other more with every year!