Sunday, July 26, 2009

a new perspective

My parents gave us money for our anniversary (so generous--Thanks Mom and Dad). I wonder actually if my parents should thank us because what we did was buy a video camera with the money. So now, we can post video footage... or we will when it comes in. It is a Sony Handycam. We were going to get a Flip but David was concerned that the quality wasn't good enough to keep our precious memories. The first thing I want to capture is baby david's bicycle kick when we have him straddling our legs. It is super cute--a baby goin' places.

sleepy baby

Do babies get nightmares? The other night I had baby david in my lap sleeping. Without stirring himself awake he just started howling. His eyes were closed and tears were coming out of his eyes and he was screaming as if he were terrified. I picked him up and tried to soothe him and calm him down. That wasn't working so I went to the next trick and turned on the tub full blast. He quieted and was asleep in a matter of seconds. Which had both of us wondering if he ever woke up and was having a night terror. It was sad to see him so distressed. Talk about pulling at our heartstrings.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm just sayin'...

So my son is now 3 mos. and 3 weeks old. He is a chunk! I was never drawn to fat babies but I love his fat. It is cute and a wonderful sign of the health the Lord has blessed him (and us) with. His feedings only last for about 15 to 20 minutes now and he is eating for the most part every 2 hours. At night, he goes longer. He does cluster-feed every now and then but that usually means a nice stretch after that. He loves kicking his legs as if he were walking (supercute) and loves to have us hold him with his back to us so that he can see the world. He is very watchful and observant.

David finished his summer course and we both agree that it was hard for both of us. I was a single parent and David was stressed about keeping up with the work. The drive there and back was smooth (not to say that we didn't have a crying baby in the back). David let me drive a lot of the way since I LOVE to drive and get my best music and meditation time in the car. He sat in the back with little david to keep an eye. He got to read and sleep which I think he enjoyed.

We are trying to enjoy and take advantage of the 3 weeks we have left before David reports to Jackson Prep. My job is still up in the air (technically it isn't but only because I haven't spoken with my new department head yet). I'm just not sure about leaving little David. I don't have a babysitter lined up and am not sure it is worth it. My job doesn't really pay well but it does ease our monthly budget.

I know this is kind of a boring post but I have no energy at the moment to write anything that is creative or unique. I think I'll be going to bed early tonight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 years, 3 people, one who is 3 mos.

I'm gonna get a little gushy. I think I am allowed seeing as this is my anniversary. When I think about my husband my heart feels so full. I find him more handsome and sexy, more godly and patient, and just MORE of everything my heart desired. When we met, dated (briefly) and were married I knew that he was a gift from above. Every sweet thing he did I knew the Lord was winking at me saying, "Here, this is for you. I know what you desire, my Beloved. Seek no more crumbs--here is a feast!" However, unlike a feast, this gift keeps on giving. Unfolded before my eyes is a man who surprises me with his moral courage, his willingness to think outside the box when all around him are those who would never dare, his love for seeing others come to Christ, his devotion to me and our son. I never met a more amazing man. If you don't know him, you should. If you think me improved, you can thank him. If you think our son cute, it is due him. The good Lord, and eternal Husband KNOWS how to give good gifts. Thank you for these 3 years!

Monday, July 6, 2009

smiley face

welcome to mooooeeeee's!

We have found Moe's! We've missed it and were overjoyed to see it's familiar sign with "open" lit within. Had to commemorate with pictures.

our 9 hour drive turned 12 hour drive

We left for Florida on Saturday morning looking for coffee. We both had in our minds to go to Seattle Drip but lo and behold--closed for the 4th of July. So, we went to Cups which were thankfully opened. We made our way to Columbus, GA. Why? Glad you asked. David's sister, Sara and her family are there and offered to be the middle point so that if we couldn't go any further we could camp at their place. It only added an hour drive (so make it a 10 hour drive). We got there around 4:30pm after making 3 stops that were uneventful. We decided to take a chance and leave for Gainesville after resting at their place for a couple of hours. We mainly wanted to give little David a chance to be out of his carseat for longer than a feeding. The evening was a little more rough. Little David was tired and was harder to console, which brings me to my rant about carseats! I want our baby to be safe but I HATE that I can't hold him while we drive. HATE! HATE! HATE! It is simply unnatural. We got to the hotel and slept a really good sleep. We got about 5 hours in a row which felt great! We spent Sunday getting groceries and driving around the University of Florida to get oriented. So far, things are promising.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

chunky monkey

I noticed that all the pictures I put on the blog show our baby looking tiny. Well, he is tiny still but way less tiny. He has caught up in weight. He went from being in the 10th percentile in weight to the 75-90th percentile in two months. The doctors were impressed and I have to say that I feel proud that it was my milk that nourished him. He weighs around 15lbs and is wearing some of his 6mos. clothes. He didn't linger in the 3 mos. category for clothing long enough for him to enjoy those clothes. Our arms are getting a workout since we are holding him so much. He's grown out of the "monkey hold" (as seen above). I'm glad we got pics of it.

He is smiling a lot and we love it! He has an adorable dimpled smile and I don't know that we've caught it on film yet...but we will. He loves to sit up with the help of momma and when he is tired of that view he "asks" us to stand up. He looks very proud of himself as his head wobbles on his strengthening neck. I can see how that is hard work since his cheeks alone probably weigh a lot. He allows us to put him in the swing way more. He spends close to at least 20 minutes in his swing daily. He loves looking at the mirror and dancing lambs. The ceiling fan holds an undefeatable allure for him--good thing we have one in every room. His parents are enjoying the more interactive David. It beats the gassy David of a month before. I love to talk to him in a made up language that I got from David sr. who I think got it from his older brother, Benjamin. I also love to kiss him. He is so very kissable!

happy belated birthday, cora godiva hogue

Our dog and part-daughter, Cora, has turned 2 this past May. I remembered the day but did not acknowledge it on the blog. People often ask us how Cora has responded to our new addition. Well, beautifully. When David was still in the hospital we would bring home blankets and clothes of his so that she could smell it and get used to that smell. When we brought David home, we bent down to let her sniff him and the introduction was over. The only difference we've seen is that she barks more at those who walk by our house and when David cries she comes to investigate. I can only assume she is protective and accepting of him into our little pack. David has not had much of a response when she sees a big hairy nose in his face. He also is used to the barking. I forgot that he actually heard that barking in the womb so he was already used to it when he was born. Here are some pictures of our "children" together.