Wednesday, September 23, 2009

some more pictures

david's baptism

It was a sweet event. Thanks to Esther and Jim for taking pictures. For those who weren't there, David Jr. barely fit his 6 mos. old outfit (he was almost 5 mos. old) and was happy for most of it. When Pastor Mike turned him away from his audience he started to fuss. Overall, he did great and we were thankful for such a memorable day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God knew what he was doing when he gave us a Sabbath.

I love Sundays. Awhile back, maybe a year ago, I wrote that David and I weren't sure we liked Sundays all that much. We kind of felt lost and down. These days, Sundays are truly a rest for us. David Sr. is home and not thinking about his work. This means that he isn't as tense or stressed. Also, we share more of the load that David Jr. is which gives me a good break. Our pastor has been going through James and it has been refreshing. He is focusing on suffering so why does that refresh me? Well, it reminds me where my hope is and it validates the journey that I (and many of you) have been on. Anyway, back to my monologue on our Sundays...

David and I have turned Sunday night into a mini church for us. We listen to Mark Driscoll on the internet. We are also turning this time into a marriage enrichment for ourselves by listening to his Song of Solomon series. We look forward to being fed in the morning and the evening with the hydrating and filling sermons. I also get to watch one of my favorite shows: Design Star on HGTV. I know, I know. There are enough reality competitions out there. However, this has to do with design and decorating and so I can't ignore it.

I feel sorry for those who don't allow themselves this peace and rest. They toil on and on believing all is on their shoulders. To rest is to trust the Lord, I think. Here we are enjoying the quiet. The t.v. is off. The baby is asleep. David is writing. Ahhhh. Peace. I hope you are relaxing,as well. Happy Sunday to you!