Saturday, May 19, 2007

Moe is gone...woe to me

David and I have mourned the loss of one of our dear friends, Moe. Moe fed us great food at great prices. If you don't know what I speak of, it is the restaurant where you can build your own burrito, nachos, tacos, or quesadillas. It is much like Subway but for the mexican gourmet lover. Out of nowhere, the two locations we had in Jackson closed--I mean--no warning...NOTHING! I felt abandoned and betrayed. I should have seen it coming when they announced that they were under new management and ownership. Since their sad parting I have missed and longed for a burrito that can stand upright. Taco Bell just doesn't cut it.

Here is the hope in this story. David and I had a divine appointment on Friday. We were trying to decide where to eat and I said that I wanted Moe's. But we couldn't so we went to the new location of Roly Poly (a wrap place--but fyi, burritos can kick a wrap's butt) but the restaurant was not open yet. We had to find another place and I suggested we eat somewhere we haven't before so we tried (drum roll, please) Taco Del Mar!!! Which David tells me means "Taco of the Sea". I fear that they would try to serve me a taco with a smelly, scaly fish inside it. However, to my great joy they served similar butt-kicking burritos! Too bad the name of the place is misleading--apparantly it is referring to all the surfing/beach paraphrenalia on the walls. Welcome to Jackson, Taco Del Mar, you are my new friend!

Friday, May 11, 2007

no more pencils, no more books...

no more David's dirty looks (just kidding, love). David and I are gearing up for a summer o' fun. Not exactly sure of what "fun" will entail but we are looking forward to it all the same. We are also about to make some big purchases like a puppy, a bed (or sofabed-not sure yet), and perhaps a vacation. Each of these items, I might add, are way more expensive than I think they ought to be. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for good deals.

Other than the purchases, David will be writing his bestseller (you can do it, babe) and I'll be being crafty as I learn to sew curtains, and scrapbooking, and maybe writing some stuff myself.

By the way, scrapbooking has become my favorite new hobby. I am sure this sounds as if I am old and lonely. I'm neither! I love that scrapbooking requires creativity yet it is also something I can get immediate gratification with. Like mowing the lawn, I get to see the fruits of my labor right away. I wish other things in life were so easy to love....if anyone has any ideas on how to make doing dishes gratifying, let me know.

Oh, one last thing, I'm sure that in our "fun" plans we will be coming to a town near you. So, we hope to see you. Also, come see us. We would love it.