Wednesday, October 31, 2007

you can't beat free

I gotta call last week from some guys from "Specialty Brides" (so they said) telling me that I was signed up for something or so and won. Ok, I am really skeptical about this voice message and I don't call back. They call again and this time I answer. This very charismatic (too much so) tells me that I can have a condo for 7nights free if I go to listen to this sh peal (sp?) about some cookware and that if I want to get the free condo I have to bring my husband. I get the time, place, and date. I tell David about it knowing that he will feel as suspicious as I had. But at this point, I think that I could at least try it out. I was told that I didn't have to pay ANYTHING and we would get some free food too. David did feel suspicious and begrudged going (understandably since it seemed we were letting ourselves get duped). We walked into the hotel where the showcase was located telling each other that no matter what, we will not buy a thing. We will take the vacation if they give it as freely as they stated but that we weren't really expecting it to be as straight-forward as all that. We listened to a hyper guy talk about this cookware. It WAS really neat cookware and a very convincing demonstration. If I had not had cookware and was engaged and needed to register for it, I would have chosen this stuff. Nonetheless, that was not in our pact. We got the free condo. We get to choose from a variety of spots as well as get some great discounts for a year--like 50% off a cruise, or all-inclusive resort, or 4 or 5 star hotels. I'm glad David was with me because I would have bought something. I felt so guilty walking away with this vacation and not buying even a knife (which by the way cost over $100). I imagined the salesmen being disgruntled. David didn't feel bad. He was quite ready say, "We are not interested. Give us our vacation now, please."

If you get a call like this from Specialty Brides you should definitely go and acquire a free condo. I can't yet attest to what it will be like but I do have a list of great places to go like Gatlinburg, Lake Tahoe, Colorado Rockies, Orlando, Daytona Beach...etc. I guess I was less suspicious about it overall (not that I didn't have reservations) because growing up we took many free vacations through timeshare companies trying to get us to buy their stuff. We would enjoy a nice place and maybe spend a few hours with a sales rep as he/she shows us their property (with no intention to buy). You just can't beat free.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Yesterday morning I dropped off Cora at the vet so that she could get spayed. I felt terrible when I had to put her in one of their cages and walk away. I could hear her thinking, "Where are you going, Mama?" and "Come back." I could hear her crying and barking while I was in the lobby. When I picked her up in the afternoon she was still out of it because of the anesthesia but I still thought in the back of my mind that she just was forlorn. I interpreted her look as a you-betrayed-me look. I know this is good for her and the population of dogs, in general, but I still hated that I caused that pain. She kept us up a bit during the night because of her pain and restlessness. Poor thing.

This morning she is feeling much better. She was happy though she still felt pain and was moving slower than usual (which was a nice change of pace, actually). All the same, we are glad to have her back!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

at a loss for words

I don't have anything to say so I thought I would post a bunch of random pictures. How's that?

On a big boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico watching a song and dance show while we waited for our bartender to take our order for some yummy drinks.

My wonderful, fabulous God-send of a prayer group. We've been meeting together for a year now and I am so thankful for their friendships. Old picture though, because lady with the baby, Katie, has moved to Maryland and girl to the right of her, Megumi (Meg for short), is 6 mos. pregnant. But Laura Christel and I look the same.

Yes, I realize that this picture requires some explanation. Somewhere in that explanation are the words Harry Potter and book release and fanatics.

Cora's surrogate grandparents enjoying her rambunctiousness.

Cora at about 4 mos. old. She refused to pose for the camera.

Monday, October 8, 2007


David informed Twin Lakes on Saturday that it was time for us to move on. So, it is official that after almost 3 years I'm not going to be spending one weekend a month there anymore. I feel very sentimental about it. I have a strong feeling of loyalty to that place and those people. As I mentioned on another post "they are my kind of people". I feel so at home there. It was a good job AND I met my husband there. Don't get me wrong, though. I am sad but I am not sorry that I won't have to spend winter nights on a golf cart with no heat and freezing winds in my face to all hours of the night while we wait for guests to go to bed. I get cold just thinking about it. Since I am making more money through the long stint of substituting I have been doing we are covered financially. Also, David was asked if he was interested in tutoring a Veritas student. So, that may come to fruition as well. The timing for leaving TL is just right it seems from both ends.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

rose-colored glasses

Some of you may dispute what I am about to write by stating that I have rose-colored glasses on. Maybe so. It doesn't matter. In the words of Jack Black from the movie "Shallow Hal" (paraphrased): if i think i am dating a hot chick and you don't see it, why should i care? I still see a hot chick.

I believe that Bono, the lead singer of the world-famous band U2, looks like my beloved David. And happy am I since I have had a crush on Bono for years. I admit that when I first met David I didn't see Bono. It was after some time of dating that I could see similar characteristics. Here are some pictures of Bono and you can decide for yourself. I see similarities in the nose, shape of the head, teeth, crinkly wrinkles around the eyes, mouth.

If I gave David some "bono-shades" and maybe a cowboy hat you would see what I mean.