Thursday, February 14, 2008

to my Valentine, my Beloved

In honor of this day devoted to romance, I wanted sing the praises of my sweet husband. Last year, David worked really hard and handcrafted this really big heart (seen below) with seven little heart-pockets. Within the pockets were clues to different activities we did that night. One of them was a pedicure, another was dinner and dessert. It was so fun. I still have it and not sure where to put such a large token of affection. Some of you may not realize how crafty David could get.

So, I want to make a list of SOME of the reasons why David is the cupcake to my sprinkles. I'll also use Roman numerals in honor of his thorough knowledge of ancient Rome and Greece.

I. David is the most patient man I have ever, EVER met. I know I can be difficult (had I not known that than I could hardly acknowledge how patient he is) but he shows so much patience, even in his anger. He can diffuse an argument because he will calmly address me. He has a very long fuse and even if the spark reaches its home, there would be no reason to run.

II. He is so physically affectionate. He loves to hug and hold hands. If I am in his vicinity, his lips will be somewhere on my face. And though part of our repetoire is for him to pursue and me to back away and pretend I don't want his attention, I secretly love it. There--my secret is out. I love the way his feet will always wander to mind in bed, too. And I couldn't live without the cuddling.

III. He is such a good teacher. I don't mean with his students (even though he is there, too) but with me. He is so much further along than me as far as knowledge of scripture. I don't know so many Bible stories that he and his family know cold. Sometimes I ask him to tell me a story and he will. He will have my attention. I love it!! I think he is gifted in this area and would love to see him use it--with sunday school or just with our future kids.

IV. I love how manly his beard is. The man can grow the facial hair, I tell ya. I think it is pretty hot. And while we are on the topic, he has a great set of muscular legs...but I'll stop there....let's keep this PG.

V. We both love a good book, a good movie, a good hot tub, and a good sleep. I was never sure that I would find a guy that loved lazing about as much a me. It is so nice to be bestfriends with your husband.

VI. He is never critical. He is such an example for me because I so often struggle with this.

VII. He always is willing to get me something from the kitchen--even if we are upstairs. Now that's love and devotion, isn't it folks?!

VIII. He has a sensitive spirit. He is swift to ask forgiveness and to forgive in turn. If he feels he has hurt someone, he will feel it deeply and move quickly to make it right. His humility is also such a great example for me.

IX. He'll let me choose the movie we watch more often than is fair.

X. He works hard at everything he does including loving me in whatever way is needed.

David, I love you so much. I can't imagine these last couple of years without you. The Lord was good to me to give me you. I want so many great things for you. Thank you for learning how to love me so well. You honestly amaze me. I see why you were named David for indeed you are "beloved".

Monday, February 11, 2008

You're it!!

oh yeah, i tag paula la, caroline kimbrough, david hogue, and nathan benson.

7 random things about me

So, there is this epidemic going around where people are writing 7 random things about themselves and then "tagging" others to do the same. It is interesting that I'm doing this since anytime I got anything like that on email I would read, laugh, and then take no part. I'm a nonconformist that way. ;)

#1 I don't like to bathe, shower or do anything hygiene wise. So, that means that I manage to do this as little as possible. For those out there who can't go a day without showering--you would freak out to know how long I can go without the soap. That's a dousy of a fact, isn't it?! I will take long hot baths to read and warm up on a cold day, though. That's recreational, however. Another tidbit, is that this is something that I like about myself. I find it kind of "cool" of me. Like I'm not high-maintenance or something. Also, there are good reasons to bathe less like conserving water and keeping all that good bacteria on me.

#2 I don't like it when I call people and leave a long, exhaustive, and informative message on their voicemail and then they call and ask me to repeat it because they didn't listen to it. Oh, and on top of that--I really dislike phone conversations especially with people I haven't talked to in awhile. Not because I don't love them (because I really really do) but because I find it so much more satisfying to catch up in person. Phone calls always leave something to be desired. I do it, of course, only because I would live under a rock if I didn't.

#3 I enjoy People magazine. It is a complete guilty pleasure. I refuse to buy it however because I don't want to support the media/paparazzi frenzy. So, I always hang out at bookstores and catch up on the latest news and fashion.

#4 I'm a really good belcher. I'm not necessarily bragging because many of my friends find this habit sincerely gross. Though I do have others that won't blink an eyelash and will even rate me from 1 to 10. I'll only do this with you if I am completely comfortable and secure around you.

#5 I can bellydance. My family always had dancing at big family gatherings and I learned by watching. No matter what size you are belly dancing looks good. The first time people saw me belly dance was in graduate school. Before that it would be behind closed doors.

#6 I have a soft, soft red blanket that I have had since I was very small. It is such a comforting item that when I was young I often thought that if there was a fire that the blanket and my pictures would be the things that I grab. I have many memories of this blanket. Dad covered me with it on Saturday mornings so I could watch cartoons. I used to lay it on the ground and play with hot wheel cars through the hills and crevices. I love it! Thanks to Aunt Guitta who gave it to me so long ago. I can't wait to cover my kids with it.

#7 I love to drive. I always have been drawn to driving. Back in the day with hotwheel cars (how many girls do you know played with hotwheels?) I would look forward to driving. Dad started me early by allowing me to steer the wheel, or later drive (without a permit, even) with him in the passenger seat. By the time I had my license it was old hat. When I learned to drive a stick shift (something I was immensely proud of) I did so with gusto. I miss having a stick shift. I also love long cartrips. :)

That was fun. Hope you learned something.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

digital nose-job

I took an old photo I'd found and decided to try and see what I would look like if I had the nose that I used to always dream of. So, the 1st pic is the real nose. The second one is my "new" one. What do you think?
David said he didn't like the "new" nose. I don't see anything wrong with it, but nonetheless I'm glad he likes the old nose. The chances that I would actually get a nose-job is slim to none. I'm allergic to pain, scared of risks, and don't have $10,000 or so to spend.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is for you skeptics out there

There are those out there that didn't believe me when I talked about how tiny our kitchen is. I don't talk about it that much because the rest of our apartment is quite spacious. However, what we gain in space in other rooms we definitely lose in this space. Yes, that is our washer/dryer on the left (top picture) and the only counterspace is on the right.

Now, in the picture below (from the other end of the kitchen) is Cora. Notice that it would be nearly impossible for she and I to walk side-by-side in our kitchen. So there, to all you naysayers. I may be in the habit of hyperbole, but in this case the truth is stranger than fiction.

destruction in her wake

Why is there trash all over the floor? Old styrofoam cups, old magazines, old lotion and grocery bags. Why is it scattered all over our upstairs landing and spilling over into our bedroom? Because Cora, the tireless fighter of cleanliness, has won the day.

Friday, February 1, 2008

truck for sale

I was just minding my business inside my home when I hear this huge crash with metal crunching. I look out my window to see a HUGE tree has fallen on our neighbor's truck. I immediately ran out to see what was going on. I thought to myself, "surely that was purposeful" but then thought, "if it were purposeful, wouldn't they avoid the truck?"

Well, the tree fell without any help. It randomly toppled over into the area that Cora (our dog) and I frequently walk. I'm thankful we weren't there--I don't know if I would have thought fast enough to get us out of the way.
I have never known trees to fall without the help of a tornado, hurricane, or at least storm. It's a beautiful day with no wind. Weird, weird, weird. Below is a picture of the root of the tree.