Friday, December 18, 2009


Wouldn't you want to take a hot bath near a roaring fire and a Christmas tree? I would.

P.S.  I was still working on his stocking which is why it isn't on the mantle.  Paula, you are the inspiration for these stockings.  However, what you sewed, I glued.  A very, VERY simplistic version of your beautiful stockings.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

for want of wisdom

I have too often come across "Christian" paraphrenalia that have the adage, "Wise Men Still Seek Him". I walk away from them with an unsettled feeling in my stomach. What is this saying really...well...saying? I interpret this platitude to be telling the world that christians are more wise, or dare I say, overall better than everyone else. It is offensive. Not offensive in the same way that the Gospel is offensive because unbelievers hate needing a Savior. I am okay with that (I have to be). It offends because the writer is being a "hater"--in other words, the writer is not being a "lover" or loving. And on top of that, the writer albeit clever is not being humble. Two things we are commanded to be are loving and humble. This saying is neither. Do you see the problem? I don't want to be connected to that. I don't want to be about that at all. I am a christian that seeks the Lord. I am not wise for it. I am compelled because there is no other Way (note the capital "W"). What wisdom that has seeped into my thick skull is from His Gracious Hand and not from any talent I may grossly exaggerate in importance. The writer's abilities come from the Lord, but that saying surely did not.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

nightmare on spencer

I am not sure why I believe this but nightmares seem...well...childish. I rarely have them so when I do, I probably give them more thought than I ought. Last night, I had about 3 nightmares. The one that was most upsetting was where I went to a very large restaurant called arrozo de something (I remembered the name last night but my memory of the dream has become fuzzy). It was large enough that you could get lost in it. I was with some combination of cousins and friends. I decided to leave the baby because he was sleeping and I didn't want to wake him. We get to our next destination and I realize that he is over 30minutes away and anything could happen to him. Kidnapping! Crying with no one to hear! I went back as fast as I could and could find no trace of him. I was horrified and grieved to the core. I woke up upset and thought about waking David. It took me awhile to actually feel better. It was very real.