Friday, June 22, 2012

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Father's Day has come and gone.  However, I still want to pay homage to an amazing man that I have had the privilege to know my full 33 years:  my dad. 

Here is a list of some things I've learned or inherited from my dad:

~I have learned how to look confident (okay, sometimes this borders on intimidating).  This is really helpful as a working professional (whether it be teaching or counseling--looking "in charge" is important). 

~A keen sense of direction.  Consider it good synaptic connections in our brain but we have good spatial skills.

~Curly hair.  I hated mine growing up but I actually like it now.

~Never insult people's food.  Ok, never insult people's anything.  I remember getting the lecture after telling dad his food was yucky.  I never forgot it.  In fact, when someone tells my food is gross, I tend to think is rude (but I usually love them anyway).

~Be a diplomat.  In matters that are dear to people's hearts it is usually wise to take a neutral stance in order to save the relationship.  We have opinions.  We have learned to be careful about when and where to air them. 

~Generosity.  I have watched Dad give without second thought.  Without regret.  With a drive to let those he gives to know that he cares.  It is as small as letting me eat most of his avocado or watermelon after he worked to prepare it to as big as giving us huge gifts to bless our family and home.  I am his daughter but he is as generous with everyone.

~A love for seeing things or people meet their potential.  He loves seeing family do the very best with what they were given.  He hates talents untapped.

~Enjoyment of the smaller yet finer things in life.  All my life I have heard Dad have reveries of sitting outside on a beautiful day.  All. He. Needs.  Peace and quiet. 

~The last one brings to mind that Dad is the one that inspires my love of nature.  He loves it himself.  He hopes to preserve it and to be surrounded by it.  So do I.  He took me camping.  We went bike-riding.  We walked in our neighborhood.  I still meditate and pray better outdoors surrounded by God's creation. 

~Dad's brain is always spinning (sometimes a disadvantage, I imagine) but nothing keeps the brain young like a love of learning.  Lately, he is reading about nutrition and figuring out the latest technology.  I imagine he feels alive, a sense of purpose, and energized by learning new things.  It makes life interesting.  His love of learning is contagious.

~Common sense ain't so common!  Fortunately, Dad has an uncommon common sense.  I like to think I have his worldly sense and practicality. 

~Thinking and analyzing from lazy musings on life to acute and powerhouse problem-solving, Dad does it all.  Sometimes, this can be a hardship but it has many benefits, too.

~He conjured up a enjoyment of bike riding and swimming in me.  To think that there are kids out there who don't know how to do either--SO WRONG!

~Dad passed down a level of practicality that will put other peoples' normal and good amount of practicality to shame.  Efficiency is key.  You may be fast but if it isn't the fastest way than it is too slow.

I am very proud of who my Dad is.  I am proud of how he overcame huge obstacles in his history to be where he is today.  He has worked hard.  So, you will forgive me as I have taken some time to brag about him. 

Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I love you!

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  1. Guitta,
    Your tribute to your Dad was very touching! I do think you have a very special Dad -and Mother! Looking forward to your visit! Love, Connie