Thursday, May 3, 2012


After a bit of this (see prior post),

We did a bit of this.

I like the face he is making.  It is an adult expression on a little tot.  Funny.  Looks like he is thinking, "I hope she doesn't follow me.  She's weird."  When in actuality, he was following her.
 Here he met a friend (older brother to girl above).  They had a great time together.  He was a sweet playmate, even though he was 6 while mine was 3.

Went to play "Pooh sticks" on the bridge. 

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  1. hey guitta girl, i am loving all these pictures in your posts! goodness we need to see yall!!!! I wanted to tell you that I changed my blog name. After my "i'm not going blog anymore" post, i had second thoughts. You probably haven't even read it since I don't ever post anymore. But anyway, I pulled that post and then changed the name to It was crazy, I did it like at 4am the other night when i couldn't sleep, and everything stayed the same except my blog rolls...they were gone! I was that person sitting there with their mouth wide open in disbelief. My mind is so scattered these days, i can't even remember some of those cool blogs i had listed! And i always went to my blog to read them. So now i'm trying to relist them. anyway, basically i just wanted you to know where superjerl went, cause the web says it's deleted. I love you girl, and hope you and yo' boys are all doing well...we miss yall crazy! hope to see you soon!