Friday, July 25, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

what's goin on

Since we are now legitimate owners of internet service I hope to be more active on my blog. I have had a lot to say but I made some arbitrary rule for myself that I had to finish my musical scrapbook before I wrote anything else. I am purposely breaking this rule of mine to tell you that we have signed a contract on a house. We really like this house and the neighborhood that we are going to live in (Lord willing) and can't believe how much space we are going to have. We probably have more storage than we know what to do with. We are supposed to close on August 15th (though it could be earlier if both parties agree to it). It is a 3 bdrm, 2 bath house with a good size front and back yard. We would be living in a covenantal subdivision called Pecan Ridge, so therefore it will have standards to keep the neighborhood beautiful. It has a laundry room. This is such a big deal because right now our washer and dryer serve as counter space in our more-tiny-than-you-can-imagine kitchen. We would have 2! bathrooms and neither of them are upstairs because there isn't an upstairs! It is a red brick, european style house with a two car garage and an adult pecan tree in the front yard. Our neighbors are mostly older women and couples with the exception of a fireman next door (not a bad person to have around). Our neighbors have dogs and that is great since most dog owners have patience with other dogs and their owners (it is a dog-lovers code--which we learned about in our current neighborhood of belhaven). Over the years we live there we hope to change the flooring, update the kitchen/appliances, do some landscaping, and perhaps turn the space above the garage into a bonus room (I personally love the idea that we can expand if we should outgrow the house). We will work on lighting in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as paint before we move in (which could be anytime between aug 15th and 31st).

I am excited but also a bit nervous. Buying a house requires almost as much commitment as does a marriage. It can be nerve-racking. However, the more I see this place the more excited I feel and the less nervous. When I have pics I will definitely post. I think I will also post on where we live now, just to have it commemorated as our newlywed cottage of two years.

Monday, July 7, 2008

i'm a believer...

in the quality music of the Monkees. I watched the shows (and own a season on dvd), I listened to the record (still have it and can see where I used a pen to trace around Davy Jones' face), and it was the first cassette tape I ever owned. I also have to mention that my first crushes were on Michael Nesmith and Davy Jones. Oh so cute! I had to remind myself that they were a few decades older than me but so what?! They are timeless.

I know there are many naysayers out there who snobbishly toss aside their work because they were a band put together by television producers. In their defense, look at all the shows whose goals are to put together a star, or a band (i.e. Making the Band or American Idol, anyone?). So, the Monkees were just ahead of their time. A few favorites of theirs were "Sweet Young Thing", "I Wanna Be Free", "You Just Might Be the One", "Saturday's Child", "Take A Giant Step".