Saturday, April 24, 2010

David is one! (ok, he's been one for almost a month but blame my laptop)

I enjoyed planning this little event.  An  intimate birthday party to celebrate our surviving a year of parenthood...uh...I mean David's year of life.  Of course, we are delighted to have him in our lives and he is worth celebrating.  I decided that because the only thing he seems to love with reckless abandonment is our chocolate lab, Cora, that we would make this the theme of his birthday party. 
I made a pawprint chocolate cake with Nana's (David Sr.'s maternal grandmother)  famous icing.  Those are bones by the toes that were made from that cake.  It was going to be a simple double layer cake but one of the layers crumbled too much so I decided a pawprint was more than appropriate. 

I decorated with streamers and a few helium balloons in blue (b/c David is a boy) and brown (b/c Cora is brown).  Makes sense, doesn't it?  Here we are about to sing "happy birthday" if we can only get the video camera working.   The grandmothers are posing for a picture.
Singing "happy birthday".  He wasn't sure what to think, but he didn't seem to dislike it. 
Posing with the little guy who has changed our lives for the better.  We love him so much!  He is eating an apple muffin (because there was NO WAY I would give him chocolate).  I found a good recipe for one year olds and it was made with no sugar just applesauce.  It didn't have any eggs either.  I got a lot of grief for it but I stand by that decision especially when I saw him enjoy it!  There will be plenty of time, Lord willing, for him to get addicted to sugar like the rest of us.  :)
Sweetly feeding momma.  He gets a big kick about putting anything in our mouths or Cora's mouth.  Cora doesn't mind it either if it's food.

This is a boy with a full and happy belly.
David and Grandmere enjoying catching up since David's trip to Italy and Greece.
We got David several bouncy balls and dinosaurs and a truck.  He loves them.  He also got some great books and a superduper stuffed animal that we can hook up to the computer to personalize.  Thank you everyone!  We had a great time and were thankful for all of you to share our joy.  This little party was more for David and I to celebrate a year of good fortune and blessings from the Lord.  We only wish we had champagne there, too.   I think we will try that next year. 

One year down and Lord willing many more to go....

my first king cake (yes, i know it's april)

Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!  I'm a little late putting these online but back in February I attempted a king cake.  I didn't buy anything special for it such as purple, gold, and green sprinkles but who cares, right?!  I found the recipe online and hoped for the soft bread with sprinkles from my childhood.  I think I messed up with the butter and the texture of this cake ended up a lot like a scone.  Tasty but not king cake.  I still thought it looked pretty.  I decided since all I had were red and colored sprinkles that it was a Valentine's/King Cake.  No rules in the kitchen, right?!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

computer issues

Our laptop is having some issues that I believe are "fatal".  So, I have been unable to connect on facebook or on the blogosphere.  All is well on our side of the world/street/city.  We are just marooned on the "without service" island.  The computer does work occasionally.  Never when we want it to.  So, my checks on the internet are sporadic and infrequent.  Just letting you know.