Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mamma mia, here i go again....

Last year France took my husband for a week.  Fortunately he was back in time to see his firstborn son arrive 6 weeks early.  This year, Italy is the culprit and this beautiful country (so I read) is taking him for 10 days.  I'm not pregnant this time but I do have a crawling young 'un to care for.  I kept going back and forth as to what to do with myself while my better half was gone.  I debated staying at home and eating cereal every night while watching very girlie movies while my son napped.  I have a tendency to hole up every now and then.  I figured that I would hibernate and consequently feel lonely.  It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to get me out to see friends or the grocery store.  I debated going to visit friends in different parts of the South.  However, the idea of driving longer than typical with an 11 mos. old without the help of my husband seemed too daunting.  Plus, I would have to find and pay a dog/house sitter. So, naturally, I am heading to my parent's house.  I'm bringing a few projects with me to have fun with and plan to make a trip or two to Blockbusters.  I'll sew, I'll plan David Jr.'s 1st birthday party, I'll watch too much t.v. (good thing), and I'll visit sweet friends and probably family.  I do have a challenge in getting there.  I am somehow to take my dog and child in one car to LA.  This wouldn't be a big deal if I could make it to my destination without any stops but not a chance.  We've had to stop at least once anytime we've made a trip to my parent's house.   Usually David Sr. would walk the dog while I nursed the baby.  Uhhhh....how in the world is this going to happen now?  I'll figure it out.  It may be messy.  I may get flustered.  But I will make it.  I figure I will put Jr. in a sling while walking Cora.  I hope to find a nice large grassy area in order to let her run free.  Pray for David's trip (safety, peace while traveling--he is a nervous flyer, kids' safety, etc) and for me (stamina and energy, Jr. being happy and healthy, safe smooth trip there and back). 

PS.  Our home computer is not working right now because it will not charge.  *shrug*  So, if you are trying to reach me via facebook or hotmail just know that I'm not ignoring you.  I have to wait until I am at work (where I am right now) or at my parent's house to use the internet.