Sunday, June 29, 2008

the beginning

Way back when, we lived in covington, la. While in a quaint, "just-our-size" house, when getting ready for the day, mom and dad had music playing on the 8-track. Yes, I kid you not, the 8-track. My future kids are going to be saying "a what track?!" I only remember two that they owned at the time. I remember somebody-anderson (a country crooner) and kenny rogers. It was a black 8-track and had a picture of him on the cover. I used to listen to it over and over. I loved the sound of kenny's voice as he sang "Ruby", "Coward of the County", "Reuben James", and "She Believes in Me". I still love those songs and have a tape (its old, ok) in my car to prove it. I want to give you taste of that voice that I find hard to describe while making it sound pleasant. It is "grumbly" but not gutteral. It is a lazy sounding voice.