Tuesday, January 25, 2011


There has been quite a fad of late where seemingly random people in a public place break into song and/or dance in a well rehearsed way.  It, of course, is rigged.  These folks have practiced and assign a time and place and the fun begins.  David and I watched several of these, like the one done at Ole Miss a few years ago.  There was another one we took a moment to watch about a week ago.  I'm tickled by this idea.  I would love to be in that audience--it really would make my day to see this happen.  Or even to orchestrate one. 

We watched this one that took place in the foodcourt of a shopping mall.  As far as I know it was a thousand miles away.  This group began (one person at a time) to sing Handel's Messiah.  At first, we were both tickled by what we saw, as usual.  I'm not sure if it was the thoughts of my sweet father-in-law now passed who loved this song, or if it was that I was seeing the Lord being praised in such a public place but I began to feel moved.  By the last couple of minutes, I was weeping.  I turned to David and he also was full of emotion.  This fun idea turned into a beautiful moment of worship that was joy-filled and somber all at once.  So, I'm pleased to share this with you.

Please note that this is a different video than the one performed at Macy's.  Just in case you already saw that one.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I haven't been that interested in blogging lately.  No reason why, just wanted to get my hands dirty doing other projects, I guess.  I have learned how to knit and have been practicing nightly in front of the t.v.  I love having something to do with my hands and it is so relaxing.  I have a few sewing projects up my sleeve as well.  Can you use the same pattern for different size clothing?  Anyway, I'll figure it out.  David and I are also looking to tile our kitchen backsplash in the most affordable, yet good-looking way possible.  We want to try it ourselves but are a little afraid of how it might turn out.  We get more motivated when we learn that we are saving up to 500 dollars just to install.  That is not counting the cost of the actual tile and other materials.   Ick.  We also have some electrical work that needs to get finished.  Awhile back I installed undercabinet lighting but have not finished the wiring.  Why?  Well, I nearly electrocuted myself when I spliced some wires (according to the directions) and plugged it in.  So, I'm a little trigger shy now.  I suppose all these projects are motivating me now that I have some nesting hormones lurking in me.  We still need to fix the part of our roof that has been having drainage issues and has led to rodents taking up residence in our attic (again!)   As you can see, lots of projects.  There are more that I haven't even listed.  I'm excited to see them get done, one by one. 

Another project I've started is a Christmas scrapbook.  I wanted to compile (in a cutesy, scrapbook-y fashion) an album of all our christmas cards and letters.  I'm working on 2007 presently. 

One of my classes didn't make this semester so I'm just teaching on mondays.  David's class through UF appears to be easier/less time-consuming than usual with no papers or tests just weekly homework that seems less hard.  I'm not sure if the work is easier or if david is just getting faster and better at translating his latin texts.  He is still excited about what he is learning, though. 

David Jr. is adorable.  He is my destructive little boy who wants to grab, throw down, climb anything that is around.  Mama has to be quick to get him off our desks, and out of the dog food container.  He probably needs more outside time but I am too too cold to step one toe out.  So, we've been rather cooped up and yes, it is self-inflicted.  I don't like the bitter cold of jan. and feb.  

Well, it is time for me to take my freshly napped, and lunched toddler to the grocery store with me.  I only have so much time before he starts to fall apart.  So, I'll venture out into the cold only because we have to eat.  Maybe I'll write more later.