Tuesday, September 7, 2010

what I never want to see in a house (esp. mine)

1.  Brass fixtures.  Yes, these abhorent things from the 80's and 90's are in my house but only because I could not yet prioritize purchasing their replacement.  The shiny brassy knobs, door knobs, and lighting fixtures glare at me saying "I'm ugly and outdated."

2.  Any sort of lamp/table furniture.  You know the kind I mean?  It looks like someone decided why bother with two pieces of furniture like a table with a separate lamp on it when you can have two of them together.  Ick.  I can not look at one without thinking of...well, I digress.  :)

3.  Lots of tiny knick knacks on display.  Those never look good.  It is the big statement pieces that can pull a room together.  It is never the $5 angel or the $9 fake plant.

4.  A flat screen above the fireplace.  I can't fathom making the t.v. the center or focus of my living room.  And to me, above the fireplace is almost like a throne or place of honor.  T.V.'s don't go there, in my opinion.  But now, new houses are even being built and wired for that very feature of t.v.'s above the fireplace.

5.  Too much furniture in a small space.  Which, by the way, we have happening in our living room.  Our furniture is not on a small enough scale and we are space-challenged.  Yet, somehow we ended up with two bedrooms that are hardly used.  But that is a conversation for another time.

6.  Fat chefs or country ducks. 

7.  Fuzzy toilet seat covers.  or any toilet seat cover.

8.  Too much symmetry will drive me bonkers.  It is safe.  It isn't interesting and sometimes doesn't offer the feeling of ease and comfort that one might want. 

Just sayin'....  Have a great week everyone!