Saturday, January 31, 2009

26 weeks

I turned 26 weeks pregnant today (it sorta feels as though I should be having a small birthday party for every week that passes). Physically, I have more aches and pains. My feet hurt in the mornings, my lower back aches occasionally, and heartburn has been a frequent visitor lately. The heartburn is weird because I typically don't experience it so when it happens I am never sure if it really is heartburn or some other crazy symptom. Tums have been helpful (and tasty!). I feel tired faster which is a little more reminiscent of the first trimester. I sleep, and sleep, and sleep. I get around 9 or 10 hours a night and I LOVE it. I do feel guilty for it though but David promises me that he isn't bitter. Sweet guy! Emotionally I am usually feeling good. I do have moments when I feel disconnected and I think that is directly related to how tired I am. Also, I have small bouts with anxiety but so far are short-lived and appear to be hormonally related. I still feel impatient with all that I want to get done in our house before the baby comes. I have to keep remembering that home improvement after the baby comes is not impossible.

The baby is kicking all the time and I can tell that he is growing because he can hit both sides of my tummy at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if he has more than two arms or legs because of all the punches and kicks I get. They don't hurt yet but are quite distracting in church. He ALWAYS moves when Pastor Mike preaches. It makes it really difficult to pay attention.

Oranges, apples, and their juices are flowing in my body like blood. I'm eating and drinking so much of them. Grapes are a new fruit I've added to the regimen.

We are a few steps closer to a name for our little guy. I think we've narrowed it down to two or three names with one in the lead. I still want to see our boy before bestowing a name. I've prayed about it and am sure that the Lord will make it clear somehow. (No, I'm not looking for skywriting).

This week I have begun a cleaning frenzy. I don't think I've ever cleaned anyplace I've lived in as much as I've cleaned our house. I swept, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned windows, along with the weekly chores of laundry and dishes. I've bought the paint for our guestroom and decided to try that FreshAire brand that is supposed to be non-toxic. Once that is painted, we'll change the carpets. After carpets are installed, I can finally hang the headboard I made for that room and put in the new bedding that I got (in an incredible closing sale at Linens n' Things).

I have my first open house for Uppercase Living this coming Saturday. I am a little nervous but am hopeful. I'm really excited about this stuff and can see it taking off.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a reoccuring dream

About 2 or 3 times a week (maybe more) I've had dreams where I am back in school. More times than not it is in high school. I find myself feeling confused about my schedule (very similar to the feeling you have when you first start a new schedule and you aren't sure where you are supposed to be or what time). I am always lost and trying to find my class. The school hallways are confusing and long, with many widely spaced out. Also, what is worse is that I realize that I had been missing these classes for awhile because I didn't know I had the class. It is usually a math or science class (mostly math). I find out that I've missed tests and am completely and utterly lost when it comes to the material covered. I'm failing the class. I'm generally good at interpreting my own dreams to see that I'm feeling anxious or vulnerable. However, I am unsure of what I'm even feeling. I guess it is a fear of failure--like I'm about to be tested in motherhood and even as a demonstrator for Uppercase Living. I'm disoriented in the dream as if I have been dropped off in a foreign country. Not sure if that is reflective of anything I'm experiencing now. I suppose pregnancy is very new but so far it has been so good. Feel free to analyze.

Monday, January 26, 2009

what I think a kitchen should be

I am really wanting to consult with an interior designer (Meredith, Help Me!). But I've been brainstorming about every nook and cranny in this house (and enjoying that process--it is such a fun project). I am back and forth all the time about what I want out of our kitchen and I have decided to make a list of what I want. This will help me be more focused with my choices. I'm afraid you are just along for the ride.

A kitchen should be:

*lots of counterspace
*everything should have a place (uncluttered)
*unified in every aspect (the feel of it should be carried through cabinets, fixtures, and appliances)
*open to other rooms

I have recently been inspired by the colors of Plains Presbyterian Church in Zachary, LA. We went there this past weekend to visit with some fun, cool people. I think I am going to end up painting our cabinets (or hire someone to). That way, we can keep the integrity of the cabinets (they are solid wood cabinets with really good craftsmenship--they are just outdated). I am now wondering if I should mess with the dining room to bring more cohesion between those two rooms. I'm thinking I do but I'm not sure what that will look like. I'm so excited about carrying out these plans one day. Our nursery is painted and we need to move other furniture to our attic or someone's house that wants to borrow our furniture (any takers for an armoire, futon, bookshelves, and bedside table?). After that we can paint the guestroom and have the carpet installed. It has been over a week since we (read: David) painted the nursery and we left the window and fan going for days and days and it STILL smells like paint. I don't know when that smell is supposed to go away. How long does that take exactly?--geez!

Monday, January 19, 2009

the origin of a baby shower

Okay, I haven't done any research on this or anything but isn't the point of a baby shower to give new parents a headstart on all the goodies that are necessary, or at least convenient. And it would be impossible for most people to afford these things without friends and family "showering" you with gifts. So, if this is the case, why do wealthy people get showers? I am not saying their baby shouldn't be celebrated--absolutely they do but that shouldn't require others to "shower" you with stuff that you could afford on your own. As abrasive as this post sounds, I am nothing but curious. I see celebrities with showers and wonder, "what could they need--materially? I'm thankful that showers are a part of having your first child and I look forward to being with loved ones to celebrate and receive things we need. We certainly couldn't afford so much without other's generosity. As for wealthy people, they should just have parties minus the obligatory gifts. (By the way, when I write "wealthy people" I'm really thinking of absurdly wealthy, like celebs).

Friday, January 16, 2009

a vision revised

My agenda for this friday was to get a whopping start on our wedding/marriage scrapbook. I had recently finished my RTS scrapbook (and only 4 years after graduating). I got out all my stuff (there is a lot and it was scattered among several different places). As I looked at it all I was at a complete loss as to where to start. So, about 4 hours later, I had organized a bunch of memorabilia and threw out a lot of stuff I didn't need. So, I guess I made a lot of progress but it wasn't what I pictured today to be. I was hoping to have had at least two or three pages started and finished whereas I only started one (and didn't finish it, mind you). After all that, I've lost my enthusiasm and stamina. This is a lesson for me. Waiting this long to scrapbook stuff is a bit overwhelming. Maybe after a bit of a break, I'll come back to this project with more gusto. With every project there is the yucky stuff and the fun stuff. I thought it would be fun stuff today but I spent a lot of energy doing the yucky stuff. Yuck before fun, I guess.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

wrapped around the world (twice!)

Six years ago I and my new roommate, Lauren, moved into my apartment on campus at Reformed Theological Seminary with some upperclassmen, Jen and Mary. Mary's real name was Wan Jun Li. She was an incredibly sweet, albeit a little kooky, Chinese student. She was always cooking strange things (except for her weakness for totino's frozen pizza and box brownies). Since the two and half years I was there many things changed...but one thing stayed the same.

Yes. That's right. Plastic wrap. JUMBO size. I'm pretty certain that Mary (Wan Jun Li) bought it. When I left that apartment, I took that with me. It has seen me through my first apartment (off campus), and my two years of marriage. I told David of the legend of this plastic wrap and he suggested that we place bets on when this plastic wrap finally runs out. It has been good to us--after all, we haven't had to buy plastic wrap in 6 years...going on 7. Feel free to place your bets.

Monday, January 12, 2009

which one to get?


...or that?

Upholstered or exposed-wood?
Beautiful or Granny?
Big or Small?
Somewhat comfortable or Very comfortable?
Looks good in any room or want to hide in the nursery only?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

a new adventure

I have been looking for a new and different way to make an income these past few months. We are doing fine financially but I was unsure what this baby would mean for teaching (still don't know). This has been in the back of my mind as I was looking for new and inventive ways to decorate the rooms in my new home. I have stewed and stewed and have come across this cool product from Uppercase Living. Soon afterwards, my old friend Grace informed me that she was now a demonstrator for that same company. Needless to say, that sparked my interest. I checked out the info she gave me and the sites and when the time was right (interpret: had a good deal on starter fees) I signed up. I wouldn't say that I'm a natural at sales but I am motivated enough by how convenient this business is to get better at it. I pretty certain that doing what is involved will feel awkward at first but I am definitely willing to give it a shot. Not to mention, that I also get some great benefits. Not only do I but so do those who offer to host a Uppercase Living "open house". If I had not signed up to be a demonstrator I am certain I would have hosted an open house. However, this way I can work from home, get to know new people, and have fun with this very fun and interesting decor. If you are interested in buying, hosting, or demonstrating let me know. I am going to host my own open house at the end of the month or the beginning of next month, so you might get an invite. In the meantime here is my website where you can browse the products available in the online catalog: (note that this is NOT a "www" address and that it is not ".com" but ".net".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shepherd and His lambs

The "theme" (not really a true theme in that you have every single item in the room belonging to or displaying thematic object) of Bubba's nursery is Shepherd and His sheep. I am not going overboard...we are talking subtle (for those of you who need to tone it down--Yes, that means you, Mom). But in playing around on the internet I came across a fun site:

It had all things sheep and lambs. It was fun. I would like to own one large stuffed animal sheep. (Again, I feel the need to restate that we will NOT have sheep or lambs from top to bottom of this nursery--just a few). Otherwise, if you are not a gift buyer it is fun to note that ANYTHING can be found on the internet and that is awesome (in most cases).

I've finally chosen the nursery furniture and David approves. I was afraid we would not see eye to eye. Who knew he would have an opinion about it? I wanted all white furniture and he wanted some sort of wood finish. I didn't want dark would because I thought that would overpower the small room but finally we decided on this honey or "tea stain" finish which isn't too dark but not so light that I feel like I'm back in the 80's. All that I have left to shop for (nursery furniture-wise) is the rocker/glider w/ ottoman. I think I have found what I am looking for but I still will shop online for other options that might be available. It looks like I will be getting one of those granny looking gliders (albeit extremely comfortable) rather than those very chic and popular upholstered gliders/recliners. I think I am ok with that but will feel slightly embarrassed to have this long-range investment piece in our living room (which it very well may end up). Ok, those are my present thoughts on the nursery. I'm still unsure of the wall color but I hope to focus on this soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

off days

It is a strange thing but every Christmas brings the same observation: the celebration doesn't seem as celebratory as it used to or should. The day feels so empty and I can't put my finger on why. I have thought that growing older has a bit to do with it since my enthusiasm over santa claus and getting great toys has faded over the years. I also wonder if in becoming a Christian my priorities have shifted from "racking up" on gifts to a greater wonder and appreciation of my Savior. But here is where I am confused--should I not feel greater magic and joy on this holiday than I even had before? We wake up, eat, open presents, clean up, eat a big meal with some family and then the day seems so so empty. I miss the routine of other days on Christmas, and yet it probably wouldn't feel like Christmas if I had such routine. I sometimes feel this very same thing on Sundays (today, the day I write this post). It is so good to have a day of rest but today I feel bored and restless--wishing I could be working. Today I am also a little bummed because David goes back to work. I would have loved a little more time at our house with him to be productive together. The holidays have passed and I wonder if it was meaningful enough. I am thankful that I have had a healthy holiday, unlike the last couple of years but it does bring back these questions. How do you make Christmas more meaningful and more full? Am I asking too much of a single a day--too much magic?