Wednesday, December 31, 2008

not much to say

I don't have much to say but it has been awhile. I am now 21 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good. I have a few bad days a month that seem to coincide with when my bad days were before pregnancy. It could be in my head but I just don't know. I am quite round these days. People tell me that I'm still small for being almost through with my fifth month but I have no way of really knowing how I'm doing. I am still diggin' mint chocolate chip ice cream. The holidays have been fun because I have enjoyed the food in ways that I haven't in a long time. Oh, the ham, the veggies, the rolls...everything was wonderful. I enjoyed more than my fair share of desserts (You could say that I was quite naughty in that area). Just today, David got to feel Bubba move. I know that he was pleased--it was written all over his face. I am really glad that we are at that stage.

This coming semester I am only teaching two classes instead of three. It is great because I no longer have to travel to Raymond (about an hour away). I also hope that this will mean I can focus on getting the nursery ready among a zillion other projects I have in my head (like finally putting pictures on our walls). I can't believe we are headed toward spring already. I've been really blessed this winter season and I am so so so thankful.

I just mailed out our christmas cards so I am so sorry that they are late.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

catching up pt.2

this was the crazy "blizzard" we experienced last week.

i'm catching up on picture posting

Here are pics of when david and i told my parents that we were pregnant (when I was 7wks). The card says "30" because we pretended to give them a card for their 30th anniversary that was coming up. On the inside was a poem announcing our news. Both parents cried and were quite overwhelmed (in a happy way).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

not a creature was stirring....

actually, there is something stirring in our attic right this very minute. It sounds huge like a raccoon. But it is probably a squirrel or rat that has made our toasty attic a home. I would be fine coexisting with this creature if I could be assured that it wasn't diseased or ruining the insulation. I hate to kick it out into the cold and I definitely hate the idea of killing it. Afterall, it is just trying to survive. It thought it hit the jackpot with our attic--do I really want to disappoint the poor creature. I know my inlaws would be shaking their heads going, "Kill the thing already". I am not wired that way. I also was brought up in an animal friendly home (though we did not coexist with rodents). I remember watching ants when I was about 7 yrs old and I picked one and smooshed it. Immediately I felt horrible and cried for this little ant. How could I kill it with no just cause--it was a random murder. Yes, this is how sensitive I am to lesser creatures.

winter wonderland...really

I was in complete disbelief when I woke up this morning to see not only the ground white but snow falling full blast from the white sky. I got dressed in all my winter goodies (long underwear, boots, hat) to go record Cora's first experience with snow. Before I did that however, I should say that I called David three times to find out why he wasn't home from school and when he would be. Prep didn't let them go early (so far) and I was really sad that I could be with him on such a pretty winter day. So, since he could be hear I recorded Cora's first experience with real snow. She loved it!! Then I came in to make a fire. Usually that is David's arena but I couldn't stand to go through such a wintry day without a fire in my fireplace. I tried to take a picture of that but my camera's batteries became "exhausted". My camera always acts like it is in its first trimester of pregnancy--quite annoying. So, when it is "rested" I will get that picture and put up those of Cora. Merry Christmas everyone!

Oh, another weird/funny thing. When I saw the snow it took me to the Christmas of 2004 where it snowed on Christmas day in New Orleans. Truly a miracle--but what happened the next fall was Hurricane Katrina. I thought about that and when I called my parents I said, "I hope that doesn't mean we'll have another hurricane." Dad told me that Mom said the same thing--funny. I must get my paranoia from her. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

18 weeks and a peek at the future

Yesterday, as some of you already know, we found out that this growing object in my body is actually a boy. His sonogram pictures were beautiful. You can see them on David's blog at I was so absorbed in girldom (even made a little girl's dress and a pattern for another) that I was somewhat taken aback as I thought through being a mom of a little boy. It doesn't scare me but it is just an adjustment in my perspective. Everything was healthy so far. We opted not to have further chromosomal tests done, thinking that there are many false positives and that I would have to wait out the rest of the pregnancy fearing the worst.

My present symptoms are:
-my clothes don't fit
-my feet hurt pretty bad if I'm on my feet a lot during the day
-feeling pretty normal emotionally and that must be those great pregnancy hormones everyone has been telling me about
-my nose is always producing mucus and it usually leads to coughing

My present fears are:
-lack of sleep along with postpartum or loss of nice hormones will make me insane (not using hyperbole). I am hearing stories like these from a couple of people.
-the only reason i'm feeling good these days is because of hormones and not because I've been feeling better overall in winter months. (though, don't worry, i'll enjoy it as long as I can).

Friday, December 5, 2008

friday night lights

I'm sitting in bed listening to my parents, my aunt and uncle, and david talk about jehovah's witness "church". I left the "discussion" because of the "high volume talking" that was going on. I have a small tolerance for these arguments now. I remember being charged and raring to go in such instances but now I find myself wanting to retreat to my room and read or watch something relaxing. Besides that, I ate more than my share of fajitas tonight which left me uncomfortable. Today was such a long day with teaching in the morning, running errands frantically to get the house ready for our guests, and then preparing for our traditional belhaven singing christmas tree. (For those who don't know, this is a yearly festivity that Belhaven college puts on where they have a live chorus in the shape of Christmas tree sing carols and hymns). So, as I am hoping to relax into sleepy time, a huge argument over cults was not what I wanted. I just want to watch a funny sitcom and go to bed. Which I will do right now. Good night.

pregnancy is the only logical explanation

I never liked minty flavored things and especially disliked mint chocolate chip ice cream. It seemed too medicinal to be enjoyable. But lately I have wanted it and when I got it I loved it. So weird...