Wednesday, August 27, 2008

we've gone country (she said with a twang)

We've moved this weekend and we are so glad to be winding down in this process. Packing up was stressful because we were moving towards chaos in our apartment and in our routine. Now, it is much more satisfying to unpack because 1) we have so much more room to hold the boxes that cramped our style (literally) in our old place and 2) we are moving towards order and routine (two things that I have come to greatly appreciate).

We had a lot of happy helpers on saturday and we have been endlessly thankful for making something that could be so hard so much easier. It was hard to move on saturday and have a sunday of rest while looking at all the things that needed to be done. Nonetheless, we rested. Good thing too, because we have been working almost every second we are at home to restore order.

We are so thankful to the Lord for answering prayers and providing us with a home that we feel is too good for us. We are so thankful for our parents who the Lord used in providing for us. Last but not least, we are so thankful for the support (physical or emotional) that our friends and family have given. It means a lot to see other's enthusiasm. Also, we are really glad to have had our first visitor, my dear friend, Elizabeth Scaife.

I want to post pictures of our house (I got some great ones) but won't be able to post them until we get our internet service transferred.

I think it is funny that we now live in Brandon. It is such a different subculture than Belhaven. I have often commented to David that Belhaven neighborhood is overrated and that there is this air of intelligentsia. Belhaven is so proud of itself and that bugs me, even as a resident. So, I like that this is absent in Brandon. But in its place is something kind of foreign to me. I haven't figured out how to describe it yet.

Come see us!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

some memories from our apartment


Today it is a lazy Sunday afternoon where the lamps inside are on and outside everything is gray. The rain is even lazy in that it falls lightly. If you aren't outside it would seem like it was January. We just finished our "stroll" with Cora and have enjoyed a nice cup of coffee. Mmmmm. So nice. On this day of rest that we were mercifully given I am working (ironic choice of words) on giving my mind rest as well as my body. I am purposefully trying not to think about our new house, moving, work, or anything of the like. Which means that when we go to Barnes and Noble tonight I will not pick up one decorator/landscaping/remodeling book while there. Strictly "light" stuff. My mental exercises on our new house and moving have become nearly an obsession. My planning will keep me awake at night. Not because I am anxious but because all the possibilities and potential excites me. It can be so fun to plan but it is getting a bit tired, hence the brain hiatus. I even refuse to plan the week because the list will get longer and my brain will take that information and work on it furiously until I have a plan that will get it all done. I will do that but it will wait until tomorrow morning. Just thought I would let you know.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


As I pack up our stuff I think back on when we first moved into this apartment of ours. I remember David and I (engaged to be married in a month) painted the rooms. Overwhelmed (a feeling that grew to be quite familiar in the months to come), I sat on our stairs, lost in thoughts (more like fears) about what the future would bring. Would we be happy? Would I be a godly wife? Would David be what he promises to be? Will I be good enough? Will David love me? Will I love David? Will we make it financially? Will one of us die young? Will one of us have an affair? Will one of our children die young? Will we even be able to have children? There were no guarantees, no assurances. No amount of time would have helped those feelings of fear and mistrust subside. I just had to make the leap of faith that is marriage. And I did. (It was a good decision, in case you were wondering). We are moving into a new house and a new chapter. We will, once again, paint our walls. I fear those same overwhelming emotions that took over over two years ago will resurface. I keep telling myself that this is different. It's the truth. I am married and quite comfortable with my groom. Moving into a house is far less scary than marrying a man I knew for 8 months. Anyway, I just thought I would let people know where I am emotionally on this move. I am very ready to have the space of our new home. We both love the house and got a nicer house than we thought we could. But with all the positive, I have a remnant of hesitation (as I have with any decision of magnitude).

Definitely more exciting than scary, though. By the way, anyone want to make some money painting our walls? Seriously, let me know.