Saturday, March 29, 2008

for the love of cream cheese

...a long time ago in a little house on a little street, a little girl creeped into the fridge and dug her little finger in the cream cheese that her father told her not to dig into. She put huge gobs of it into her mouth and enjoyed the wondrous taste of this remarkable condiment.

years later...

a big girl begs her husband to go downstairs to get some crackers and cream cheese. The crackers run out but that doesn't stop her from taking her big finger and digging into it and putting smaller gobs into her mouth to enjoy the wondrous taste of this remarkable condiment.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Some of you know the limbo that David and I have been in for the past 2 or 3 months. We are looking into what is going to happen next fall. David applied to Tulane University in New Orleans for a MA in classical studies or latin. He was accepted and received a full scholarship. I am so proud of him! Well, I went through the process of preparing myself for moving to new orleans. It would have worked well in that I have family and some friends nearby, I have lived there before so I am familiar with the area (I don't have to start completely over), and my parents can give us a great deal on one of their apartments, which meant affordable rent. The downside was that we didn't have an income. We were hoping that there would be a teaching assistant position available so we could have a stipend but there wasn't one available.

The plot gets thicker...

David wanted to check other options. He talked to his department head who encouraged him to talk to the headmaster of Prep (where he works). He found out that in efforts to keep him at Prep they would be pay for his graduate studies as long as he stayed for another year. And they gave him a nice raise. I then got excited about the idea of staying in Jackson and being to truly settle in for at least a few more years.

even thicker....

Then we found out that neither Tulane or Ole Miss or any other nearby university has a summer graduate program. I became sad and disappointed especially since I had to get used to the idea of new orleans all over again.

the thickening continues....

Last night David and I couldn't sleep so I took advantage of the those random wireless rays that float around in our bedroom to do my own research on classical graduate programs and stumbled across the University of Florida. It offers Masters and PhD programs through distance learning with minimal trips to Gainsville (where the university is located) . Which means that if Prep is willing, we could stay in Jackson and have them pay for our tuition for David to work toward his graduate studies here. We both got excited last night thinking about it but were also admitting that neither of us wanted to get invested in it until we know something for sure. I told him last night that the Lord is sending me on the crazy ride where I think he is taking me toward a certain goal (or location) and then right before takes a hard right or left and I end up facing a new goal or locale over and over. What has been wonderful about this journey is that each new mission is better than the last one we were anticipating. I am liking the "magic carpet ride" he has taken us on and I am exercising my trust in Him.

what this means now...

David is going to talk to the headmaster after gathering more info about the University of Florida program. What is funny is that one of the profs at ole miss told David about this program in Florida but David didn't pay much attention to it. So, we are praying that this works out the way it should. Our desire, in spite of our efforts to not get invested, is to stay in Jackson with David continuing to be the primary breadwinner. We hope to invest in property and people (babies!!!) once we know this is where we'll be for awhile.

So, now you are caught up in all of our goings on.

yoga and pilates

Since November I have been regularly doing yoga and pilates classes at the downtown YMCA. I really enjoy it but what has been really fun lately is that I have some serious arm muscle that is quite toned. I am so proud of it. I always admire women's arm muscle (though not the scary kind of professional body builders- yuck). This was an unexpected benefit. David pointed out that we are often in poses where are arms are supporting a lot of our body weight so it makes sense that my arms would be getting more cut. I just thought I would get more flexible. That has been true but has been a slower process than expected. The whole reason I started this yoga class was for stress relief. It provides breathing techniques that really help slows heart rate, blood pressure, and pent-up anxiety. I use these tricks throughout the day.

I was a little bit concerned about whether the instructors would start talking about their false gods but no such occurrence. It is strictly an exercise class that is based on a practice that has been effective for thousands of years. I also thought I would be bored. Times that I have tried yoga in the past I felt restless about the slowness of it all. But it is actually a welcomed time for me.

Pilates is a little different than yoga in that it requires a lot more strength and flexibility. In other words, its excruciating. But as painful as it is, it really does work. I walk away feeling exhausted but stronger. I've looked forward to my Monday night classes.

i finally did it!!

It took blood, sweat, and tears but I finally accomplished a long-anticipated goal: I beat Bowser in Super Mario World. ahhh, the smell of success.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tis the season

I was enjoying the wonderful sunshine in the park as mentioned below and had some thoughts about seasons in weather and in life. The seasons are such a testament to redemption and resurrection. Everything begins to die, we have no leaves on the trees, the grass becomes a grayish-beige "blah" color and then, amazingly, everything comes to life again. The grass is greener, the flowers bloom in vivid colors, and leaves sprout overnight, it seems, on the trees. And this mighty miracle HAPPENS EVERY YEAR! Analogies drawn about our lives that go through winters and springs have been done but it is ever so clear to me how true it is. In whatever winter, there will always be spring. Whatever parts of me that may die or experience loss, I, as a whole, will experience life and gain. I can count on these things like I can count on each season. There is comfort in these truths for me. I have had a few "wintrous" seasons and wondered if spring would ever come...and it did! Hallelujah! Here's to spring! Again.

a great day

Saturday was a spectacular and full day. David and I went to the St. Paddy's day parade at 11 or so and enjoyed the sights. We weren't sure what to expect but the feel was very much a small town mardi gras. We walked around enjoying the sunshine (i got sunkissed on the nose and forehead) and watched people kill each other for beads. After having a polish sausage, we headed home and decided to go to the park with Cora. We were so pleased that we could hang out there without having her on a leash AND without having her "love" people so much ("love" is another word for jump on, lick, follow, and pester). She loved them but she didn't jump--I couldn't be more proud. We hung out there until it was time to get ready for dinner. We joined up with David's parents and a family friend at Que Sera's and then went to the Ballet Magnificat performance of The Scarlet Cord. I have a picture of us at the restaurant but I don't have it with me. I load it next chance I get.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

hope SPRINGS eternal

I am so thrilled that it is March already. It was a bitter winter and I say goodbye to it without regret! I love the promises of spring--the new growth, the comforting warm winds, and longer hours of blissful daylight! The pear tree in front of our neighbor's yard has already started sprouting tiny leaves and I couldn't be more excited. I think it might always be spring in Heaven, though I can't say for sure. It isn't written anywhere but I think spring is as close to perfect as we can see here on this terrestrial ball.