Monday, June 25, 2007


That's me...missing in action. I am sorry (to the few who may be wondering) that I haven't been posting. The reason is I am internet deprived. We thought we were going to get the internet. So, I was going to put off posting until we got the net....and then post to my heart's delight. However, we did some pricing and realized that the internet is expensive. So, here I am feeling overwhelmed and a slave to my blog. So quickly, too. I have about 5 posts planned in my head but don't have the pictures with me to post. So, I just thought I would post about my dilemma. When I am behind on something (bills, emails, prayers, friends) I just procrastinate in bringing it up-to-date. The task seems more and more daunting while putting it off seems more and more attractive. I learned at some point that chronic procrastinators are, in fact, perfectionists. I buy that notion. I have seen it in friends and roommates and certainly in myself. I am awed by those, husband included, that work to get things done immediately. I don't have that kind of drive (in other words, I have a lazy streak) but with that comes parts of me that fear the uncomfortableness of catching up. This is VERY true of people. Dear friends of mine, who I haven't seen in awhile and I want to be connected with, I put off contacting because it seems like so much work to catch up on each other's lives. It feels like such a feeble, feeble attempt. I walk away longing for regularity in those friendships where it seems impossible (because, afterall, each of us has to eat, sleep, and bathe). I feel so richly blessed to have the incredible friends that I do. And I love that when we do get together it is usually such a great time.
All that to say, that is why I haven't posted lately. I will recap: Parts of me procrastinate, are lazy, dislike getting a taste of connection with friends without the completion, are perfectionistic, and love my friends. I will make an effort to post more frequently.