Saturday, April 28, 2007

ode to twin lakes

Here I am again, at Twin Lakes. David is here too. We are working here this weekend, as we do one weekend every month. I started working here as a host two and a half years ago. I realized that after I started a full time job in therapy that I still needed a little more income and Jenny, my sweet friend from RTS, introduced me to this opportunity. It was a perfect fit. I got to be outside using my hands while the rest of the month I worked in an office. It paid just the amount I needed. The people I met on the job are irreplaceable. I can't explain it except to say that these people are my kind of people. There is an instantaneous comfort and camaraderie that I experience when I cross the gates. It's been a faithful job that produced faithful friends that I truly enjoy. I'm proud of this place. I want family and friends to see what a special and beautiful place this is (consider that an invite! and yes, it is as beautiful as it looks in the pictures).

About one and a half years ago, I met the man I was going to marry. Outside the very building, I'm sitting in (the main office). I was sitting on the front porch swing enjoying the last bit of warm weather in November when David walked on the porch and we introduced ourselves. That was the first day we worked together at Twin Lakes. We talked several hours that day and just as I was about to go home, he asked me out. I went home wondering, "did I just get asked out?"and "has that finally happened?"

I love twin lakes. I hope our children become a part of this place. I hope that through the years they make the great friends that I know David has through the 5 yrs he worked at sumer camp This is where he found his niche and came out of his shell, among such loving people. When we started dating, everyone here knew about it--it was definitely like living in a fishbowl. What I loved was that I could tell how beloved he was here. People saw him grow up and just doted and respected him. A very good thing for me to see. Everyone was so supportive and excited--which was contagious.
I admit it is harder to work here as a married couple. But we are loathe to quit because of the loyalty we have to this organization and to the people that we would not regularly see, otherwise.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring is here and my nose is runnin'

I LOVE SPRING! There are lots of reasons to love it: Christ defeating the grave, flowers, weather that is not painfully cold or suffocatingly hot, the promise of summer vacation, spring break, my birthday--do you see what i mean?! However, with every joy there is a burden and my burden has been my allergies. They've knocked me off my feet this past couple weeks. If I could scream at my body and say, "STOP IT!!" i would. But, in response, my body would just give me a bladder infection or somethin'. It just doesn't mind me like it used to! I don't have fever anymore, but my sinuses are producing enough yucky stuff to fill the bathtub.

David has been sympathetic except for when he thought that my misery should be commemorated in pictures. Here are the pictures he took of me in my (self-imposed) pitiful state. Also, I've included a picture of david and i at millsaps college campus when the azaleas were in bloom....just to show that i'm not throwing a complete pity party. I hope ya'll are enjoying the great weather!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

a birthday well-spent

What do you do when the world is at your fingertips as it is on my birthday? The only logical thing, of course, is to buy a bunch of junk food, pull the couch close to the t.v. and play video games all day long. This idea started when I told him that I used to always tell myself that i would rent a game system for the weekend and play to my hearts content. When you've spent a lot of time with guy cousins who were infinitely better at these games than you are AND you are outnumbered 7 to 1 than you don't get many turns and the turns themselves aren't very long (didn't take long for me to die). I have to say, though, that i was a bit disappointed that i would have to share with David who turned out to be good with video games. So, I had to wait...again. But, I did get my fill when he took a nap. :)

The experience led David and I to consider whether we should invest in a game system. It was a moment of weakness we both agree because our stronger sides know that we will be enticed and wooed by the video games and in a month we will have turned into a couple of overweight, jobless, pale people who only move to reach for the soda or pizza or the cup we'll pee in. So, for now we will settle for the occassional day of video game bliss. I'll post pictures soon!

two babies born 9 months after our wedding--coincidence...i think not!

Congratulations to Troy and Erin who welcome a beautiful and perfect baby Jack (above). Baby Jack is born to a born momma.

Way to go, Askews for bringing 'Norah' into the world. She's precious. This is #2 baby for Lauren and Chuck, so Charlie has someone to play with in a few years. I tried to post a picture but i am having technical difficulties with the pictures i received. But trust me...she's pretty!